Student Research

One of the aspects of my career that has been most rewarding is my involvement with student research.  Over the years I have mentored eight summer research fellowships and 30 or more independent research projects.  The Norwich Summer Research Fellowship is an opportunity for students to get paid for 10 weeks of full time research during the summer.  The funding is competititive and students must write a proposal that is similar in detail they would use to apply for a research grant.  The other opportunity for student reseach is to enroll in BI 440, Reading and Research, during the school year.  I have included a partial list of student research projects

Norwich Summer Research Projects

Hunter Twombly.  2010.  Prevalence of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) In Central Vermont Salamander Species.

Morgan Ziemba.  2009. A Extraction and Sexing of a Gray Jay (Perisoreus canadensis) population.

Jason Grupp.  2008. Classification of Gray Jay (Perisoreus canadensis) Vocalizations:     Recording and Documenting their Calls. 

Tim Blood.  2007.  Gene sequencing of Vermont freshwater sponges.

Emily Poulin.  2007.  Environmental characteristics of freshwater Sponges

Heather Flavell. 2007.  Detecting Blood Parasites in Gray Jays (Perisoreus canadensis)

Raphael Robitaille.  2006.  Survivorship of Gray Jays (Perisoreus canadensis). 

Black, Kendall.  2006. Antimicrobial activity in Gray Jay (Perisoreus canadensis) saliva. 

Thurston, Amanda.  2005.  DNA sexing of Gray Jays (Perisoreus canadensis). 

BI 440 Projects

Kevin Webber.  2010.  The relationship between stress indicators and blood parasites in birds.

Kevin Dailey.  2010. Embryological development in Japanese Ricefish, Oryzias  latipes

Johnson, Michele.  2007.  The nature of the mating system  in Gray Jays.

Riley, Tessa. 2007.  Order of Arrival of Insects on Decaying Meat

Mattson, Heather.  2007. Analysis of Lipids in Thamnophis Sirtalis Scent Gland Secretions

Latshaw, Melissa.  2006.  Extraction of degraded DNA from unstained microscope smears.

Grant, Judith.  2006.  Effects of Sonar© on photosynthesis mechanisms, of freshwater plankton.

Koprowski, Mike.  2006.  Effects of Sonar© on plankton populations.

Willis, Todd.  2006.  Random Amplification of Polymorphic DNA test for paternity in Gray Jays.

Babbis, Nicole.  2004.  Haematozoa of the Common Grackle (Quscalus quscala) in Central Vermont.

Stephen Johnson and Ryan Mount. 2004.  Comparison of roosting sites of Blue Jays (Cyanocitta cristata) and Gray Jays (Perisoreus canadensis) in Victory Bog, Essex Co., Vermont. Presented at the           Wilson Ornithological Society and Association of Field Ornithology Annual Meeting.  Ithaca, NY.

Bowen, Kevin.  2003.  Survey of Blood Parasites in Northern Saw-whet Owls.

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