Three haiku were included in this collection from the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, Volume 8, Issue 1, page 459. Here is a direct link (it’s the 20th page of a 33 page pdf). My contributions were entitled,

  1. Topological graph theory applied to molecular biology
  2. The median versus the mean on the Putnam Mathematical Competition
  3. The value of an education

I have one other with the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics. This one is a free-style riddle to be solved by counting the number of words in each line of the poem, and by summing an infinite series.

This last poem started with a joke in class–someone walked by the open door as I was explaining that the subscript was large (“i is big”). It turned into this poem that was accepted in record short time by to the the American Mathematical Monthly (volume 119, No. 1, page 24).

Square root of -1 in English class
I can’t please my English Professor,
Who imagines that I can speak better,
He seems so perplexed,
I scream, “i is complex!”
This excuse is the root of my error.

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