This plaque is in the hallway in the middle of the math department.

Note: Meetings will resume in September 2016.

The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is probably the most prestigious undergraduate mathematics competition in North America. We started competing when I arrived in 2002. We have done very well for a school of our size. By 2005, the contest had become a very important and fun event. Two plaques are displayed in the main hallway of the mathematics department, on which the names of our best performers are permanently enshrined. (Click on either photo to get a larger picture). The 2009 contest was a banner year for us, as we placed 143rd overall as an institution!

Some of my posts have been inspired by the problem-solving sessions that take place in preparation for the Putnam. These posts include: On the value of believing that you know the answer (probably my most popular post so far), Useful generalizations Part I, Useful generalizations Part II, and On the value of making up your own question.

Photos from the archives:

Putnam 2008


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