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Fall 2014:Network Security (Overview)


How to use your mind (Kitson, 1921)
Back of envelope calculations (Francis,1999)
Statistics literacy (Bolton, 2010)
Logical fallacies (Labossiere, 1995)


What the best college students do
Efficient science reading
Effective memorization
Organize your MSc thesis
Cite properly
Surviving your pre-PhD, PhD, post-PhD advice
Formulate telling abstract examplar


Variety of techniques
‘Great Profs’ case studies
Construct a syllabus

[Public Research]

2016: Attack Work Effort: Transparent Accounting for Software in Modern Companies oped
2016: Engineering Permanence in Finite Systems preprint
2016: The Man-Machine Integration era preprint

2015: Moving Target Defense Quantification, GMU, Slides
2015: Subversion and Degradation of Big Data Systems, Suits & Spooks, Slides
2014: Telematics Threats, IQT Quarterly, Article
2014: ‘Weird Machine’ Patterns Paper
2014: Scientific Approaches to Recurring Cybersec R and D Problems, SyScan, Slides Whitepaper
2013: Moving Target Defenses – Adversarial Dynamics Paper
2012: Composition Patterns of Hacking Short Paper
2011: Baiting and Deception of Adversarial Cyberspace Participants, CyCon,  Slides
2010: Degradation and Subversion through Subsystem Attacks Short Paper
2009: Bio Op Error in DNA Computing, SNPD,  Slides
2008: Subverting Malware’s OODA Loop, ORNL, paper
2007: Callgraph Properties of Executables paper