AY13-14 Comes to a Close

Most of our Seniors with Department faculty

Most of our Seniors with Department faculty

The graduating class for the Department of Earth and Environmental Science was the largest in several years, and they are headed off to work, to hunt for work, to meet the terms of their commission, or to grad school. Dunn, Westerman, Koteas and Grigg wish them all well, and look forward to an incoming class that currently has 8 environmental science and 5 geology freshmen. All of us have busy schedules planned. Chris and I are running the ID110 Ecology and Geology of the CT River course, with plans to have a complete digital record of the entire course when we’re done. We’re hoping to develop some working pieces to support this and other courses, maybe a science literacy online offering taking advantage of some realtime water data managed by USGS, and some more popular YouTube-style pieces as well. Rick is starting his sabbatical, heading off to Greece and then to Isreal on archaeology projects – they think he can find the tomb of Solomon with a drill rig in a public park. Koteas has Chris DeFelice working with him on the structure and petrology of the Knox Mountain pluton in the Plainfield, VT area. Laurie has an VT EPSCoR grant with Rick to study post-glacial lake sedimentation processes, with Roberto Armijo (’15) joining the research team for the summer. I’m headed to California to the Goldschmidt Conference, followed by a field trip with Allen Glazner in the Sierras. Then a quick trip to Apple headquarters-NYC with NU administrators for a demo-day, before CUR business and biennial meetings where colleagues and I are presenting a panel on using an institutionalized undergraduate research program to help develop a campus-wide culture of research. More later ……


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