After getting a BS in Geology from Allegheny in 1969, and a PhD in Geology from Lehigh in 1972, I launched myself into teaching and haven’t looked back. It took me 10 years to get settled down, teaching at Northeastern, USM, UMO and Colby along the way, and I eventually arrived at Norwich in 1982. Fred Larsen and I shared the load for all the Geology courses, which worked well with my training as an igneous petrologist who had mapped for the Maine Geological Survey for 10 summers in deformed metamorphic terranes.

It wasn’t until I had my first sabbatical in 1989-1990 that I broke through to the level of scholarship that I had aspired to. Eight months on the Island of Giglio in southern Tuscany, thanks to the good graces of my sister Pam who has a small vacation house there, led to the formation of a strong working group headed by Fabrizio Innocenti from the Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, Università di Pisa. Although Fabrizio passed away in 2009, his memory continues to mentor me as a research and as a man.

Fred retired in 2000 but helped find a highly competent replacement, Rick Dunn, who has since taken over for me as Chair of the department. Since 2007 I’ve had an opportunity to put some energy into helping the Norwich faculty and students with the administration of their research efforts. The University has invested heavily by building endowments to support our research mission, and I get the pleasure of finding time, space and money for the individuals who are committed to discovering answers to as yet unanswered questions.

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