Ecology and Geology of the Connecticut River

I’ve been teaching this 14-day course each year since 1983, spending 9 days on the river with a colleague and 22 students, traveling by canoe and camping along both the New Hampshire and Vermont shores. The course has evolved over time, but retains the basic daily geology study site and nightly report, and the running daily assessment of water quality, river discharge, and ecosystem health. A recent emagazine NU website article provides a popularized description of the the course

Campsite 1, Hairpin Camp, is on the NH side of a tight (and getting tighter) meander, probably not long for this world. I first measured the width at 20 meters across the top of the neck in the 80’s, and this year it is down to 43 cm!

Hairpin Camp meander neck 2010

This photo was taken in May 2010 by Boulat Chainourov while standing on my shoulders. One major flood, and I could be standing in VT.
ID110 Ecology and Geology of the CT River Valley
EN199 Writing the CT River