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Tuscan Magmatic Province
My work in the Tuscan Magmatic Province has been ongoing since 1990, under the leadership of Fabrizio Innocenti until most recently, and currently with a team made up of Sergio Rocchi, Andrea Dini and Emanuele Roni.

Westerman and Dini on M. Capanne summit

Northeast Kingdom Batholith
Ray Coish (Coish website) at Middlebury and I have been working through the years on the plutons that make up the Northeast Kingdom Batholith. Most of this work has been connected to student research. Some of these results have recently been published in the 2009 NEIGC Guidebook.

Hydrogeology Studies
Both Geology majors and Environmental Science majors at Norwich are required to take a Senior field-based research course, and as a result, I started many years ago supervising projects focused around water, primarily in the Dog River watershed where the University is located. These have included a number of water quality and water chemistry studies, as well as a number of hydrologic studies. Some of this work was recently supported by an EPSCoR Vermont Streams grant, and I am working with Rick Dunn and George Springston of our department, as well as with Adam Sevi in Civil Engineering, to pull this work together for publication. My interests and willingness to step out of my research “comfort zone” recently led to a new project on Elba involving the origin of “high-yield” springs due to the interuption of groundwater flow by igneous dikes with relatively low permeability.

New Grant Recorder
enGrant Scientific is developing a database of grant-funded scientific research activity available for use by the research community. Their plan is to have information on each researcher’s work updated on an ongoing basis from data published by major funding sources including NIH, NSF, DOE, FDA, USDA & DOD. Here’s the link to my Researcher Detail Page, showing their beginning effort to summarize my research and publication history:

Header photo taken during LASI IV conference field trip to the Henry Mountains in Utah.

Another website that I use for my work is

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