Hydrogeology Studies

Monte Capanne Springs
Dan Pellegrini (ES ’11) did a project with me during the summer of 2009 on the relationship between the distribution of Orano dikes in the Monte Capanne pluton on Elba, and locations of high-yield bedrock springs (NU website story). These igneous dikes cut across groundwater flow lines and actually serving as dikes (barriers) inhibiting the flow, producing elevation of the upstream part of the water table and generating springs. See Elba “high”-yield spring for a video of a “gusher” (don’t forget to turn up the sound).

Bangladesh Arsenic Project
Seth Frisbie of Norwich’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has been working on understanding the distribution of arsenic in the groundwater of Bangladesh, for the purpose of finding a solution to the arsenic poisoning epidemic in that country. Rick Dunn, my department chair, and I worked with Seth to supervise Larry Mastera’s summer research project that contributed to a recent publication (Frisbie, S.H., Mitchell, E.J., Mastera, L.J.*, Maynard. D.M., Yusuf, A.Z., Siddiq, M.Y., Ortega, R., Dunn, R.K., Westerman, D.S., Bacquart, T. and Sarkar, B., 2009, Public health strategies for Western Bangladesh that address the arsenic, manganese, Uranium, and other toxic elements in their drinking water: Environmental Health Perspectives, 117(3), 410-416). The senior scientist driving a lot of this work is Dr. Bibudhendra Sarkar, a Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Toronto who has for been working at the Hospital for Sick Children for almost 40 years.

Dog River Basin Project (in development)
1. Paine Creek Water Chemistry Project (M. Golschneider, S. Martin, F. Steenburn)

2. Paine Creek Hydrology Study (Pellegrini)

3. Dog River Riparian Buffer Project: related research supervised by R. Dunn: (C. Barber, B. Demers, B. Manning) NU website story

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