Gerard LaVarnway is Professor of Mathematics at Norwich University. He also currently serves as Chair of the Department of Mathematics. He received a BS in Secondary Education – Mathematics and Science, cum laude from Norwich University in 1978.He received an MS in Mathematics in 1983 from the University of Vermont.  Dr. LaVarnway has been the recipient of eight consecutive US Navy – American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Summer Faculty Research Fellowships. From 1984 – 1991, Dr. LaVarnway pursued applied research at the Naval Ocean Systems Center in San Diego, CA. Gerard was involved with the development of classification algorithms for the identification of radar and remote tracking of ships at sea. Professor LaVarnway returned to graduate school at the University of Vermont and completed his PhD. in Mathematical Sciences in 1999 specializing in analysis, specifically almost periodic functions.  Professor LaVarnway has been a fulltime member of the faculty at Norwich University since 1983. During this time, Dr. LaVarnway published several classified technical documents in the area of ocean surveillance. He is a member of the Northeastern Section of the Mathematics Association of America and was an instructor for the summer short course for the association in 2002. His research interests include classification algorithms, ocean surveillance, cryptology and mathematics education. Recently he has been involved with implementing non-parametric statistical techniques to predict academic success.

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