Welcome! My name is Dr. Jason F. Jagemann ( and I serve as the Political Science Program Director for undergraduates at Norwich University. My primary field of expertise is in American Politics, with emphases in public law and interest group politics. I also have ancillary scholarly and teaching interests in political theory and philosophy, in particular, democratic theory and feminist political thought. I received my M.A. and Ph.D from Western Michigan University and my B.A. from SUNY Potsdam where I majored in Political Science and minored in U.S. History. At the undergraduate level, I regularly offer courses in the fields of public law (Constitutional Law; Civil Liberties) and political behavior (Public Opinion and Political Behavior, Interest Groups and Political Parties). I also offer the capstone senior seminar on a variety of topics including Interest Groups and Lobbying, Democracy and Civil Society, the U.S. Supreme Court and Political Behavior. At the graduate level, I teach the Research Methods Seminar for the MJA and MPA Programs through the School of Graduate and Continuing Studies here at Norwich. My research focuses on how institutions (such as Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court) shape the behavior of interest group coalition building and lobbying. I have published in the fields of interest group behavior and my most recent article “Abortion Politics in the Courts: New Judicial Federalism or the Federal Courts?” appears in the Winter 2011 edition of the Vermont Bar Journal. I am currently working on an article comparing student justices’ votes in eight years of my class-run Supreme Court simulations to the votes of the actual justices of the U.S. Supreme Court in the same cases to assess adherence to precedence by both groups. Also, I am revising a manuscript examining the efficacy of interest group coalitions in the context of all Supreme Court cases dealing with abortion and reproductive rights.

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Professor Jagemann, Jageman, Jagermann, or ?

Here are the most common ways students misspell my name (note: my last name is JAGEMANN and it appears on countless documents that I hand out in class and that appear online a zillion times in a bazillion formats (I also wear a name tag with the correct spelling of my last name on my VSM uniform): That’s “JAGEMANN”)).

1. Jageman (Most common. It does not help that my email address chops off an “n” (my family worked and lobbied hard to get that extra “n” on our last name and leaving off an “n” from last last name is an insult to centuries of Jagemanns)
2. Jagermann (it’s hard to resist putting that “r” in there!)
3. Jagmann (can I buy a vowel…an “e”, perhaps…)
4. Jagerman (a variation of 1 and 2).

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James Carville and Mary Matalin: Partisan Pugilists

James Carville and Mary Matalin: 2011 Todd Series Lecture InviteesOn Wednesday, October 7, I had the opportunity to moderate the discussion between the two 2011 Todd Lecture Series invitees: James Carville and Mary Matalin.

You can check out the archived video here.


Carville and Matalin Discussion

Dr. Jagemann making James Carville laugh...

You can read an article from VT Digger about the event here.

Here’s coverage found on Norwich Today.

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U.S. Representative John Shimkus pays Norwich and the Political Science Club a visit…

The Political Science Club (POLITEIA) jumped at the opportunity to host a brunch for U.S. Representative John Shimkus (R-IL) when we learned we would be visiting our campus to watch his nephew play baseball for Norwich in the tundra-like conditions of a typical Vermont mid-April weekend. Congressman Shimkus is a Republican and represents Illinois’s 19th congressional district. Rep. Shimkus spent two hours with us sharing his legislative experiences and fielding a number of questions from our students. This was an excellent opportunity for our students and I hope we are able to connect again with Rep. Shimkus in the future. He was made an honorary member of POLITEIA, as our club president Varday Campbell (pictured) presented our club pin to the congressman.

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“YouTube-a-Palooza” gets published in the Urban Dictionary!

I’m not sure exactly HOW difficult it is for one to get an entry accepted into the “Urban Dictionary” (I know that a team of randomly assigned editors vets each submission) but here is our PO313: Political Parties and Interest Group class contribution to the pop cultural milieu.

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VT Democratic Party Chair Judy Bevans visits PO313: Political Parties and Interest Groups Class

The VT Digger article about Judy Bevans, the Chair of the Vermont Democratic Party, reminds us that there are people behind the political parties (see: Sometimes this aphorism gets lost in the small font of the assigned readings for class. We tend to speak about the parties as if they are abstract entities when, after all, parties move and engage the political process because dedicated people throw their hats into the political area and, maybe just to overstate the case just a bit, get their “hands dirty” in the Sartre-esque manner. But getting one’s hands dirty is not to be viewed as pejorative. Instead, political engagement is born out of a calling or an obligation to be an active and informed citizen. However, we were reminded that there are indeed people behind the parties when Judy Bevans regaled the class with stories about her rise through the ranks of the Democratic Party in Vermont. Bevans wants us to be engaged in politics, regardless of our political stripes, Democrats, Republican, Progressive, or Independent. This theme of obligation to serve hit home among the students, civilian and CORPS alike. We hope that Judy visits us again!

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First Ever YouTube-A-Palooza!

A student YouTube-A-Palooza-ing

A student YouTube-A-Palooza-ing

Question/Puzzle: How can a prof. make one class the week before Spring Break (the Sister of Semester Breaks (because, quite frankly, the Summer Break is the Mother of all Breaks!) fun, entertaining and engaging enough to counteract the effects of students mentally checking out well before the official break begins?

Answer: I have no idea…

But I decided to try something new in my Political Parties and Interest Groups class the week before break.

It was billed as “YOUTUBE-A-PALOOZA…”

We had just finished the material for the first half of the class covering Political Parties. We had a great 8 week flow of engaging class discussions on topics ranging from the competing theories for why the U.S. has a two-party system to campaign finance and mid-term elections to the rewards and punishments legislative leaders have in their quivers to manage their respective rank and file members in the “Legislative Leviathan.”

For YouTube-A-Palooza students had to showcase a video clip of about 5 minutes to reflect one or more of the themes we bandied about all semester. Most of the clips were parodies, some of them funny because they were too true to form and others bordering on the Edward Albee-like absurdity that is sometimes politics (so in the latter case politics is less art than it is a post modern spectacle)…

Check out some of the vids:

Hung Parliament! (comparative electoral systems)—hung-parliament

Rapping about Parties (appealing to younger voters)

Mike Gravel stares into your soul:

“Chuck Norris Approved!” – a classic!

Bureaucracy as a wall – from Yes, Prime Minister

Tea Party Uber-Patriotism

Al Gore’s Parallel Universe (beware the glaciers!)

The Simpsons Do Electronic Voting

Ralph Wiggum for President: We asked for it and we got him!

Learn to Speak Tea Party Parody – cuts both ways though!

Classic Jib-Jab “Time for Some Campaignin'”

SNL Halloween Party focusing on Democrats vying for the 2008 nomination

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