VT Democratic Party Chair Judy Bevans visits PO313: Political Parties and Interest Groups Class

The VT Digger article about Judy Bevans, the Chair of the Vermont Democratic Party, reminds us that there are people behind the political parties (see: http://vtdigger.org/2010/06/04/the-people-behind-the-parties-judy-bevans-chair-of-the-vermont-democratic-party/). Sometimes this aphorism gets lost in the small font of the assigned readings for class. We tend to speak about the parties as if they are abstract entities when, after all, parties move and engage the political process because dedicated people throw their hats into the political area and, maybe just to overstate the case just a bit, get their “hands dirty” in the Sartre-esque manner. But getting one’s hands dirty is not to be viewed as pejorative. Instead, political engagement is born out of a calling or an obligation to be an active and informed citizen. However, we were reminded that there are indeed people behind the parties when Judy Bevans regaled the class with stories about her rise through the ranks of the Democratic Party in Vermont. Bevans wants us to be engaged in politics, regardless of our political stripes, Democrats, Republican, Progressive, or Independent. This theme of obligation to serve hit home among the students, civilian and CORPS alike. We hope that Judy visits us again!


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