Professor Jagemann, Jageman, Jagermann, or ?

Here are the most common ways students misspell my name (note: my last name is JAGEMANN and it appears on countless documents that I hand out in class and that appear online a zillion times in a bazillion formats (I also wear a name tag with the correct spelling of my last name on my VSM uniform): That’s “JAGEMANN”)).

1. Jageman (Most common. It does not help that my email address chops off an “n” (my family worked and lobbied hard to get that extra “n” on our last name and leaving off an “n” from last last name is an insult to centuries of Jagemanns)
2. Jagermann (it’s hard to resist putting that “r” in there!)
3. Jagmann (can I buy a vowel…an “e”, perhaps…)
4. Jagerman (a variation of 1 and 2).


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