PO Program at NU

Department Chair: Dr. Michael Andrew (mandrew@norwich.edu)

Program Director: Dr. Jason F. Jagemann (jjageman@norwich.edu)

Professor Hal Kearsley; Associate Professors Michael Andrew and Jason F. Jagemann; Visiting Associate Professor C. Dart Thalman; Assistant Professor Cynthia Combs; Adjunct Faculty Karen Joyce, Austin Gray, Lars Neilson.

Political Science Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Political Science program is to emphasize the objectives of the liberal arts, which are to help the student cultivate powers of analysis and exposition in reading, writing, and communication; to expand the student’s intellectual horizons; and to increase the student’s knowledge and curiosity. The program explores the realm of politics; its vocabulary, its principal concepts and strategies, its ethics, and its expediencies.  To do so, the program encourages students to appreciate and understand theories about government and politics, as well as the methods of the discipline.

About the Program

At Norwich University, political science courses fall into the following six broad categories, which reflect the diversity of our discipline:

  • American Politics
  • Public Policy and Administration
  • International Relations
  • Comparative Politics
  • Political Theory and Philosophy
  • Research Methods

Distribution requirements for political science majors

Required courses:

  • PO105: American Politics, PO106: Introduction to Public Policy and Administration, PO215: International Relations, PO202: Comparative Politics, PO220: Research Methods, PO410: Capstone Seminar in Political Science (Foundation Courses)

One course from each of the following groups:

  • PO303: Political Philosophy, PO325: Contemporary Political Theory, PO330: American Citizenship (Political Philosophy)
  • PO312: The Presidency, PO313: Political Parties and Interest Groups, PO314: The Legislative Process, PO315: Public Opinion and Political Behavior, PO321:
  • Constitutional Law, PO331: State and Local Politics (American Politics)
  • PO333: American Foreign Policy, PO340: Revolution and Forces of Change, PO348:
  • Asian Politics, PO310: European Politics, PO320: Topics in Area Studies (Comparative Politics)
  • PO305: Geopolitics, PO405: International Organizations, PO415: International Law, PO412: War and Peace (International Relations)

Additional requirements:

  • Two upper-division PO electives
  • Seven related area requirements HI121 (American History 1), HI122 (American History 2), HI elective (non-Western), all of which must be passed with a grade of “C” or better; EC201 (Macro Economics) or 202 (Micro Economics), EN112 (Public Speaking), MA232 (Statistics), and a Philosophy Ethics elective

All political science courses taken to satisfy the political science major distribution requirements must be passed with a “C” or better.

Political Science Minor

For a minor in Political Science, the student must complete 18 degree credits with a grade of “C” or better. Required courses:

  • PO105: American Politics
  • PO106: Introduction to Public Policy and Administration
  • PO202: Comparative Politics
  • PO215: International Relations
  • PO220: Research Methods
  • PO Elective (must be upper-division)

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