Something’s Cookin’ in the Lab….

I’m fortunate to be working with four awesome students this summer:  3 Norwich undergraduates (Blake Forkey, Sarianne Lynn, and Patrick McGrath), and 1 Montpelier High School Student (Carl Vitzthum).  The students are CRANKING in their projects and generating a lot of exciting data!  One of the most exciting developments is the new addition of Xenopus laevis (African clawed frog) cell culture in our lab.  Sarianne Lynn is now “The Master” of cell culture in our lab; after acquiring this cell line from the lab of Dr. Jacques Robert at the University of Rochester, she set up this cell culture system at Norwich and is using the cells to analyze the effects of the lampricide in these amphibian cells.  Carl Vitzthum is assisting Sari in her Xenopus experiments and will be taking over her project when she leaves the lab at the end of June.  Meanwhile, Blake Forkey is analyzing gene expression alterations in yeast that have been exposed to lampricide, while Patrick McGrath is analyzing lampricide-induced reactive oxygen species production, also in yeast. 

I’m so proud of the work that these students are performing in my lab!  They are all so motivated and committed to their projects, and it is so great for me to watch the development of these young scientists!

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