Happy “New Year”!

After a year-long sabbatical, I’m back in the classroom at Norwich.  It’s fun to be back to see my students and colleagues again!  I was reminded yesterday why Norwich is such a great place to be…I was preparing a lecture on Evolution and I remembered that the faculty members in the Geology department have beautiful fossils that perfectly demonsrate the concepts of evolution that I wanted to convey.  About an hour before my Cell Biology class started, I found myself in a GEOLOGY classroom, oohing and ahhing over some awesome stromatolites (2 billion years old!) that the Geology faculty let me borrow for the morning.  This is why I love Norwch, the ability to simply walk down the hall and have access to the expertise of such stellar colleagues who are willing to give their time to help me make my lectures more effective.  And while I miss being able to work at the lab every day up at UVM, I’m delighted to with my colleagues at Norwich on a daily basis again.

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