I’m a Southern Californian living the dream in Vermont!  I received my Bachelor of Science in Animal Physiology and Neuroscience at the University of California at San Diego in 1995.  It was during my college years that I fell madly in love with the study of cellular function!  And if you love function, you study….PHYSIOLOGY!  I moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan where I obtained my Ph.D. in Physiology at the University of Michigan in 2002 under the mentorship of Dr. Linda Samuelson.  My thesis, titled “Investigation of Roles of Gastrin and Histamine in Gastric Acid Secretion Using Genetically-Engineered Mouse Models”, focused on determining whether calcium and/or cAMP signaling are required for normal gastric parietal cell function.        

I left the Maize and Blue to come to the Green Mountains of Vermont in 2003, where I obtained my current position as a professor in the Biology and Physical Education department at Norwich University.  My husband Ray Mikus, a real estate agent at Heney Realtors, and I have two daughters, Josephine (age 5) and Willoughby (age 3) who keep us laughing every day.