A deep interest in exploring the world around me led to attend Macalester College where I received a B.A. with degrees in geography and studio art. Upon graduation I worked for Matrix Development, an early design/build firm in Minneapolis, doing construction management and design work on a series of nightclubs and restaurants located in historic buildings. After backpacking throughout Europe visiting museums and major works of architecture, I returned to school and received a Masters Degree in Architectural History from the University of Virginia and eventually a Ph.D. in art history from the University of Texas at Austin.

The aesthetics of my working and living environments have always been extremely important to me. Prior to arriving at Norwich in 2002, I had the opportunity to experience a couple of amazing architectural settings on a daily basis. As a graduate student at the University of Virginia, I was able to soak in the architectural lessons of Thomas Jefferson while living among the classical colonnades and curving brick walls of his original 1819 campus (just a few doors down from Edgar Allen Poe’s former dorm room). After graduation I moved to the Chicago area and spent four years as Education Director for the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio Foundation in Oak Park, Illinois. During much of my tenure there my office was located on the balcony of Wright’s drafting room where he and his employees developed prairie house designs. Today I feel fortunate to be able to work within the handsome brick and granite walls of the former Carnegie Library that houses the various creative activities of Norwich’s School of Architecture and Art.

















































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