These past few days have been pretty eye opening. We’ve been getting a quick taste of Planting Hope and all of the projects here in Nicaragua, yet I’ve still learned so much and I’m amazed at just how much of a difference one small organization can make. I keep wondering why I’ve never heard of PH before since I’m from central Vermont. It’s an incredible connection between these 2 very different cultures. The organization really improves lives- we’ve heard from scholarship students who’ve received scholarships from PH, visited schools that have started with the help of PH, and have heard stories of people who’ve been given the opportunity to just go to high school with the help of PH. Something that we definitely take for granted in the states. This whole trip has opened my eyes more than they were before. This afternoon I had a long talk with another group member and it was great to reflect on our own goals and how they can affect the world. Its trips like these, ones that make you reflect and react to things that you never had before, that make life so precious. That feeling of growth and knowledge is something I really value and strive for. Left and right we see new things, meet new people, hear more stories, and I find more reasons for me to want to come back. It’s amazing what 2 weeks in a new culture can teach you about yourself.

-Alexi Yasus


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