So far we have done quite a bit. It is fulfilling, difficult, and fun all at the same time. The past few days we have been working up at La Hermandad finca. We have been helping construct an adobe and we also took a tour of the coffee process and the mountains. Que bonita! The work is sometimes hard and we do get dirty but we work together and have a good time always. One thing I really enjoy here is the food.  Things are very different here but it is a nice change to the life we lead back home. Working here is more fulfilling and fun than sitting at home online or on the couch. I try to practice my Spanish but I don’t always know how to phrase things because I get nervous a lot. I’m better at understanding than responding. One observation that we all have is how skinny all the animals are. Another thing we all seem to enjoy is interacting with the children. This morning when we got to the finca we split up into groups to do different activities with los ninos. Beth, Tim, and I made puzzles with them; Alexi, Allison, and Gina did crafts so the kids could make cards for upcoming mother’s day (glitter was everywhere even on those of us who didn’t use it); Tito, Sam and Matt played futbol (soccer) with the rest of the kids. Then we taught them to make s’mores. They loved them. It was fun and they were great, I think I could get used to life here. It’s a bit simpler then life in the U.S. and the food is great and healthy. Only thing that really bothers me is the bugs and sometimes the heat. It’s worth the experiences though and the new friends, even getting closer to those in the group. Only a few days in, but going smoothly. I hope it stays that way. Me gusta Nicaragua! =)

-Orenda Wooldridge (Ren)


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