I can’t believe it’s already Friday. The past few days have flown by and I really hope the rest of the trip won’t go by this fast. So far everyone has had many good experiences such as building the La Hermandad Adobe Nature Center. Coming into this trip it was really tough to tell how much work the group would actually be doing but after Wednesday Thursday and today (Friday) we knew we were making some sort of impact. The best part about all of this building was how easy it was to learn and to really be effective in mixing the cement, placing the bricks, and making the mortar for the bricks. I really enjoyed how much we were accomplishing from day to day. On the first day there was a concrete base with a layer of bricks. By the end of the day we had added 3 more layers to the building. Yesterday we only worked for half the day but we were becoming more of a cohesive unit, and finally today which was by far the most fun work day and in my eyes the most effective. We created a drain for the school and added 3 more layers of brick. On top of all this work we had a mud fight and no one was safe. All week long Matt has been wearing a green bandana which I believe has been surgically attached to his head. I made sure to cover this with mud and in return get a pound of mud on my pants. After we had finished work for the day we took a group photo in front of the school. Although we didn’t finish the whole thing the satisfaction behind what we accomplished as a group has been uplifting and relief to what may be a store for future projects here in Nicaragua.

-Sam Phaneuf


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