Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is a serious event here in Nicaragua; everyone goes beyond the breakfast-in-bed, flowers-and-a-card routine. In order to celebrate all the mothers do for the society in Nicaragua every mother in town has a huge bouquet of flowers. Each family celebrates mother’s day in their own way of course. My host mom was telling me that families come together on mother’s day to dance, eat, celebrate, and dance some more. I started my first Nicaraguan mother’s day with a breakfast of lemon____ pie. We went out to look for seeds for our jewelry making workshop, but due to the rain we came up dry in the seed department. We found our way to a beautiful waterfall where we all took in some sun and enjoyed the nature for a couple of hours. We went back to our homes to eat and we came back ready to decorate and prepare for Planting Hope’s celebration for all the host moms. All the moms arrived all dressed up as we did all kinds of activities and games like balloon relay; where two teams competed in seeing who could run and pop balloons in odd ways the fastest. We danced, and us Norwich students put on a show of Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive” complete with choreography. We had prepared all week for it and everyone cheered us on for an encore. It was incredibly fun. We all had dinner, passed out gifts, and some poems were read about the love of a mother. I went back home and my mom was surprised with gifts and a song from the whole family. She put on a fashion show of the new outfits she got. In seeing hoe mother’s day is treated in Nicaragua, it is clear that with a apparent prevalence of absent fathers, it’s the mothers who truly show the ability to thrive and provide for their family in the face of adversity. While there are “traditional” families here in Nicaragua, there are many many mothers who are left on their own to take care of their children in what, most frequently, are difficult conditions. Their perseverance is notably extraordinary and it’s for that that these mothers go above and beyond. I’m going to give my mom an extra big hug when I get home and thank her for all she’s done for me Hasta Luego!

-Gina Fantoni


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