The Farm

The first day that we went to La Hermandad Farm to construct a nature center was the start to a wonderful experience. It was about a 20 minute bus ride up a mountain where the coffee farm was. The road was littered with rocks and drainage trails for the water. It was quite a bumpy ride. When we got to the farm we met the children of the school for all the local workers. Our job was to help construct the nature center. Now in America this would be easy; just go by some bricks, wood, tools, anything you needed. Well this is Nicaragua, and this wasn’t a 1-2-3 done task. The bricks had been made and hardened out of mud and hay, each around 30 pounds. The mortar was made with mixing water, dirt, hay, and more hay in a pit. The water was carried up a steep hill from a reservoir, and the dirt had to be dug up with shovels, and the hay collected and shortened with a machete. A cement layer had to be formed as well only using wooden barriers and shovels. We kept at this task for 3 days. By the end we had worked many hours to accomplish something that could have been done so easily in the states. We had constructed something all by hand and learned so much about the resilience of the Nicaraguan people.

-Matt Davison


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