Ecology and Geology of the CT River Valley

This course is a two-week immersion lab science experience with 3 days of lectures and then a scientific journey, via canoes, down the upper Connecticut River. We pack all of our scientific equipment, field kitchen, and personal gear in canoes and camp on the banks along the way. Each day we collect ecological data and we investigate one geological site. Evenings involve a data sharing session and time to write a technical report on the geology of the day. At the end of the two week semester all of the geology and ecology is combined into a report. A lot of work in a short amount of time, but fun and always an adventure.

Here are lecture materials for those of you currently enrolled:

2 igneous

3a minerals

4 weathering id110

5 Meta Rocks ID110

6 turbs Waits River Fm copy

7 structural

8 New England Mountains

9 Sed structures & current flow

10b glacial deposits ID110

11 Streams

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