Student Researchers


Recent undergraduate studies (some are summer independent projects and some are semester-long original research projects as part of the Senior capstone experience):

Tyler Hermanson – mapping, sedimentology and stratigraphy of a complex glacial sequence in Honey Brook, central Vermont. Tyler has documented a thick till overlying Glacial Lake Winooski sediments and therefore representing readvance of the Late Wisconsinan ice sheet — exciting!  Tyler is presenting his work at the March meeting of the Northeast Section of the Geological Society of America.

Jeff Hay, Matt Conley and Kevin Waters  – following Tropical Storm Irene, which hit the Dog River hard, this “stream team” undertook an extensive geomorphic assessment of the entire river. Their data can be directly compared to a 2008/9 study of the Dog, revealing the nature and degree of change to the channel that resulted from Irene.  This work is being presented at the Northeast Geological Society of America meeting in March of 2013.

Dan Le, Kevin Waters and Prof. Laurie Grigg (NU) – Our team is investigating the environmental change of small upland lakes in central Vermont, during the transition from the last glacial period (ca. 14,000 yrs ago) to the present. Recent work reveals a carbonate mud in lakes that appears to have a complex origin and history. We are still unraveling this, and Dan worked on lake stratigraphy while Kevin worked on micro- and macrofossil assemblages.  Their work is being presented at the Northeast Geological Society of America meeting in March, 2013.

Tyler Hermanson – neotectonics in Greece; a study of paleoshoreline features and bedrock brittle fractures as indicators of crustal movement. This is work near the Neolithic cave site at Diros, in the Mani of the southern Peloponnese.

Ethan Thomas – neotectonics in Greece; related to landscape reconstruction at the Bronze Age site of Kalamianos

Greg Miller – fracture and karst study in Greece; related to groundwater supply for the Bronze Age site of Kalamianos

Devin Collins – rillenkarren (microkarst feature) analysis on architectural stones at the Bronze Age site of Kalamianos; an investigation of chemical erosion rates and a method to reconstruct former soil thickness and degree of site erosion

Stacy Craver – colluvial study at the Roman site of Kenchreai; creation of a model of preservation potential for architecture and artifacts, and identification of potential targets for archaeological excavation

Kris Ettlinger – stratigraphic architecture of the Kenchreai site and vicinity; a study of pre-Roman and post(?)-Roman fault block motion

Meghan Kelly – study of pedogenic carbonate development and the role of caliche in the construction of subterranean tombs at the Roman site of Kenchreai

Dan Byrne – sedimentology of cores from three delta-alluvial plains in Portugal; a study of marine to terrestrial deposition in large valleys that contain the first documented, but now land-locked, Phoenician harbor sites along the Atlantic coast of Portugal

Fiona Johnstone – sedimentology of cores from Late Pleistocene shallow marine and coastal deposits of the Delaware estuary margin (New Jersey)

Professor Westerman also has students conducting very interesting research. To see some of that check out his web page at Dave Westerman.