A new semester …

Well, we’re back to work, a new semester has started!  Three days in and everything seems … calm.  Only one advisee has come to add or drop a course, and there’s not too much movement in or out of my own classes (yet).

This term I’m teaching two sections of MA102 – Mathematics as a Liberal Art.  This course is a kind of smorgasbord for non-math majors who have to take a math course to fulfill general education requirements.  Oddly, in 12 years here, this is the first time I’m teaching the course.  But the subject matter is cool:  Voting Theory, Apportionment, Fair Division, a little Graph Theory, and some Statistics.  I hope that the students will find some of the stuff useful, and some of the stuff cool.

I’m also teaching the modeling course, MA241, again.  At this point, several years in, I’ve opted to do without a text book (never found one that’s good all the way through), but to pick and choose projects from several different books.

I also get to teach MA304, the second half of the analysis course.  This makes me ecstatic because analysis is my specialty.  A lot of good, hard-working students in that class.


About Rob Poodiack

Associate Professor of Mathematics and current Chair of the Northeastern Section of the Mathematical Association of America.
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