Back from New Orleans (or … where’s the syllabus?)

I made it back from the Joint Math Meetings in New Orleans theoretically to have a week to prep for classes. It didn’t quite work out that way.

First, let me note that the conference was fantastic. I got to see a lot of great talks, the weather was mostly good (60′s in January is never bad), and a lot of good friends from around the Northeast were in attendance.

The first sign of trouble came the last day of the conference. That morning, my roommate and I went out for our morning run and it was cloudy and very windy. The wind picked up all morning and by the time the van to go to the airport, it was blowing and raining hard.

This was the storm that turned into the big blizzard in southern New England. I got home without delay, but spent the next week in comic relief either going to various doctor’s appointments for me or my younger son, while it snowed and iced every time I had time open to go to the office.

I finally came in on Saturday afternoon for my semi-annual office cleaning and syllabus writing, but left early because — you guessed it — another snow storm started.

… and there’s why your syllabus was started and finished Monday morning. Any questions?


About Rob Poodiack

Associate Professor of Mathematics and current Chair of the Northeastern Section of the Mathematical Association of America.
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