Candidate visits are hard on the diet

We have two open positions here in the Mathematics Department, one for an open specialty and one for a math education specialty.  We’ve been taking applications and winnowing down the field since last semester and these past two weeks, we’ve had candidates for the positions visiting campus.

I’d almost forgotten how many hoops interviewees have to jump through in just a short time period.  In most cases, they have to fly in the day before, get to their lodging here in town late and mentally prepare.  Then, on interview day, they’re seen by a lot of different administrators, the dean, the department chair, the search committee, Human Resources, students, and they have to give a 50-minute talk that they hope is pitched just right.

One of the ways, though, they get to spend a lot of time with department members is with food and drink.  Usually the chair and a colleague meet the candidate for breakfast at the B&B here in Northfield.  At some point in the morning there might be coffee.  Then there’s lunch with much of the department.  During the colloquium talk and the final meeting with the whole department, there’s often cookies.  Usually there’s a really nice dinner until late — and then, for the department members, the process could repeat the next day.

A candidate was in yesterday and I was on breakfast and lunch duty.  I also went to coffee mid-morning and, to top it off, my wife is home during February break week and cooking excellent dinners.  I ran 6 miles and still gained 1-1/2 pounds on the day.

The scale and I hope we make an offer to a candidate soon!


About Rob Poodiack

Associate Professor of Mathematics and current Chair of the Northeastern Section of the Mathematical Association of America.
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