I WAS BORN in Danbury, Connecticut and raised in New Fairfield, Connecticut, the next town north of Danbury.  My father was a teacher in various New Fairfield Schools, but mostly at New Fairfield High School, from 1961 until his retirement in 1999.

After graduating from NFHS in 1984, I went off to Cornell University in pursuit of a degree in computer science.  I got one (barely), and I knew how to read a transcript.  So after Cornell, I chucked the computer science and kept the math, and I enrolled in the masters’ program at Western Connecticut State University. In this I was fortunate because I not only became a good student again, but I also met my future wife while attending.  The masters’ program was new, and thus an evenings-only program.  So it took me four-and-a-half years (Jan. 1990 – May 1994) to complete my masters.

This left me enough time to work a full-time job.  After some brief experience writing for college and local weekly papers,  I moved on to The News-Times, Danbury, Connecticut’s daily newspaper.  For four years (April 1990 – August 1994), I worked as a music/entertainment writer, ad designer/typesetter, and all-around computer guy.  During three of those years, I wrote a weekly column called “On That Note” about the area music goings-on.

With all this, I did a lot of community theater work, directing, producing, and working the light and sound boards for countless productions in Sherman, Brookfield, and Richter Park in Danbury.

While working on a show for the Country Players of Brookfield in 1991, I met June Marie Nolan, as she was known then.  She must have liked me a little because we were married in Bethel, CT on August 13, 1994.  June is a super dancer and teacher, and she teaches jazz and tap dance at Movement Center in Essex Junction, VT.  She bought Movement Center in 1997 and is as busy as could be being a dancer, teacher, and entrepeneur. We’ve lived in Williston, VT since 1999.

June and I have two sons.  Daniel is a big goofy 13-year-old who is in 8th grade this year.  Dan wants to be the next Mike Piazza (but with better defensive skills, we hope).    Thomas runs around and laughs a lot.  He’s 10 years old and is in 5th grade.

After June and I married in 1994, we moved to Vermont so I could work on my Ph.D. at UVM with Mike Wilson in analysis.  I graduated in 1999 — having shared an office for 5 years with our chair, Gerard LaVarnway — and got a job here at Norwich University, where I’ve been an associate professor since 2005.  I’m the utility infielder here in the department, teaching a little of everything, doing some administration — and I’m still the all-around computer guru.  I was fortunate enough to win the 2005 Homer L. Dodge Award for Excellence in Teaching at Norwich.  I’ve also done a lot of graphics art work for the school and department on the side.

In an effort to promote the math department’s profile (and that of the School of Mathematics and Sciences), I’ve helped organize a competition for Math Awareness Month called the Integration Bee.  We usually get around 40 students to compete for bragging rights and prizes.  April 2011 marks the 9th annual Integration Bee.

Speaking of competition, I am one of two professors at Norwich to have ever been on Jeopardy! Details of my 2004 game can be found by clicking the link on the upper right of any of my pages.  I also compete and work to get in shape by training to run half-marathons.  Personal best, so far:  1:47.

Last but not least, I’ve been deeply involved with the Mathematical Association of America since joining in 1997.  I am the current chair of the Northeastern Section of the MAA and have worked on countless program committees, local arrangements, and have organized contributed paper sessions and student competitions for them.  In fact, Norwich is hosting the Spring 2011 section meeting this June.

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    What about those years in the grocery store ?

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