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My colleague Ernie True has worked for years on three pieces of software — MA2, MA3, and Deq — that have helped countless math students visualize graphical and geometric concepts in courses from Precalculus through Calculus to Differential Equations.  However, those applications ran only on Windows machines.

Thanks to Wine and WineBottler software, you can run those programs on a Mac now.  Below, you can find links to Mac versions of Ernie’s software, which he graciously let me play with.  Download the ZIP file, unzip it, and then just double-click the icon. You need the X11 Terminal application to run these.  All current Macs come with X11 preinstalled.

  • MacMA2.ZIP (Two-dimensional graphing applications)
  • MacMA3.ZIP (Three-dimensional graphing applications)
  • MacDeq.ZIP (Applications for differential equations)

(WARNING:  While Ernie’s software is very small and efficient (around 800 Kb for each EXE file), these ZIP files are each about 68 Mb, and take up about 250 Mb each when unzipped.  That’s just the nature of the beast in these conversions.)

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