As an Associate Professor at the David Crawford School of Engineering in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Norwich University, I am finally living my lifelong dream of being an educator.

I am passionate about environmental engineering and science education at all levels. I believe that the best way to learn engineering is hands on – practicing the classroom lessons in the field. I teach primarily Environmental Engineering courses and am always looking to engage my students in my research and service activities.

My research program is in sustainable water resource management. I am interested in surface and groundwater resources as well as their interactions in a changing climate. I am into modeling the fate and transport of emerging contaminants, low impact development, and green and sustainable remediation related areas. A new area of research interest for me is seeking engineering innovation in disaster resilience efforts, especially related to green water infrastructure, even as new framework and indicators are being developed in this area.

I also research engineering education, specifically pedagogical tools such as service-learning (with a view to promoting STEM through K-12), and instructional technology in the classroom.

The best part about all of this however,  are my students. Here, at Norwich, I am fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing group of students. I serve as the faculty advisor to over 25 undergraduate students in CE&E, several Honors students, and help mentor the Norwich Chapters of the Society of Women Engineers and Tau Beta Pi. I am constantly amazed at their excitement and curiosity, willingness to serve, and commitment to learn and engage in so many activities, and do them so well.

However, my educator role has expanded over the years beyond our undergraduate and graduate students at Norwich University (NU) and the local area Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. They include K-8 teachers enrolled in Vermont Science Initiative’s “Science and Engineering Academy”, where I served as the engineering instructor over three summers. They also include mentoring peer civil engineering faculty, through the ExCEEd teaching workshops organized by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), corporate clients in India, and lately local community members.

In my previous life I worked for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in various capacities, for Florida State University as an adjunct instructor, and for Environmental Management Centre in Mumbai, India as a Senior Research Associate and Sustainability Manager.



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